Your staff are your biggest asset

Whether you need to hire new staff or upskill your existing team, our programs and services will ensure that your business comprises talented IT Professionals with the necessary skills and certifications to succeed.

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Upskill your team

Corporate training is an excellent way to support your team as it expands. Using our Training Needs Analysis, we can identify your team’s skills gap and recommend the perfect training solution. We ensure your employees are equipped with the right technical skills for the future as well as for today.

Learn from certified trainers

Get measurable results

Experience outcome-driven learning

Drive the success of your business

Why Your Company Needs Online Learning Today

With an investment in a professional online learning solution, the statistics speak for themselves: staggering employee development and financial gains.

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Cut Your Training Budget in Half

Replacing traditional instructor-based training with online learning saves businesses at least 50%. In addition, research has shown that online learning reduces instruction time by up to 60%.

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Prove the ROI of your Training Spend

Easily justify your training spend with a dashboard showing usage and results across teams.

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What do you get?

What do you get?

Hire certified IT professionals

Motivated by the opportunity to innovate, we have created an exclusive hiring pathway that links our corporate partners to graduates who seek employment. Many of our corporate partners hire through us more than once and 80% of our job placements are multiple hires.

Sign up for interns

Our interns have relevant tertiary degrees in IT as well as multiple industry certifications to cover the practical skills so often missing in today’s graduates.

Give departing employees a fresh start

Our outplacement services provide a smooth transition to a new career. With more than 10 years’ experience relaunching careers, we can help your departing employees transition to a rewarding new career in IT.

Improve IT project outcomes

Training and certifying the skills of team members is the single biggest predictor of project success. With validated skills, your team will;

  • Maximize results and increase efficiency
  • Spend less time fixing problems
  • Achieve project objectives quicker and more often
  • Respond quicker to security attacks
  • Feel supported and more engaged at work
  • Save time and money on lost productivity

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